Americans overwhelmingly wish to be free from coercion that our tax dollars fund organizations performing abortions for reasons of convenience. Furthermore, we believe reports consistently reveal Planned Parenthood as a menace to society. As we see in undercover videos, they are willing to secretly feed upon and further the harm done to girls who have been statutorily raped -- aiding and abetting their perpetrators to continue their exploitation. Therefore, we demand an immediate halt to any federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Those who would fail to support such an initiative tend to show their replacement to be necessary.

- Christen Varley, Boston, Tea Party
- Jack Cashill, author "Deconstructing Obama," Kansas City, Tea Party
- Anita MonCrief, Emerging Corruption, American Conservative Union, ACORN Whistleblower
- C. Steven Tucker, Chicago Area, Tea Party
- Arlen Williams, Gulag Bound
Apologies to the other organizers and activists in this effort; there is no time to list everyone, so only an initial cross-section is shown here, representative of who we are.

Defund Planned Parenthood Flash Campaign
Our Call to Action:
1. Visit to find your U.S. Representatives' contact info.
2. Email and call them now! Then Senators!
3. Spread the word! Send this Urgent E-Letter to fellow activists.
Then, stay watchful with us.
The critical time is now! through March.

Arlen's Bio


I don't like tooting my own horn.  Then again, I don't like joining up with people I don't know enough about, either.  Here is the skinny for you.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Judson University, Elgin, Illinois (Human Institutions, Human Relations)
  • One year of studies, Bethel Seminary, Arden Hills, Minnesota
  • Ironically enough, in the early 80's at age 23, in Minnesota, I became chairman of a group of volunteers, coordinated by one of the many Alinsky community organizations, one which actually did some good things to secure mobile home owners from abuse by owners of the land they rented. I helped them with that and we parted ways.
  • I have had a career in technology sales from the early 80's onward, usually in computer networking and application development, mostly in the Chicago area.
  • In the 90's I became State Rep. District organizer for LifeBase of Illinois, a non-partisan PAC dedicated to electoral activism, then became vice chairman, then president.  By that time we had over 3,000 volunteers on hand.  I also did some petition, demonstration, rally, and banquet work, but the focus was on electoral activism.
  • In 1996, I was Illinois statewide volunteer coordinator of Alan Keyes for President (they needed  help to manage the petition drive, to get on the ballot).
  • In 1998, I managed a State Rep. campaign in a Republican primary, to challenge an entrenched, liberal Republican.  While my candidate did not win, we won more votes than many winning candidates elsewhere in the state.
  • Through this time, I was also the key organizational advisor to a GOP candidate who also challenged an entrenched incumbent, to be Committeeman of Cook County Illinois' largest Republican voting township and she eventually won that position.
  • In 2000, I found a faltering effort to distribute Christian Coaltion voting guides throughout Wisconsin. They were missing a statewide coordinator. Although I was living in Illinois at the time, with two weeks before the election, I found their prior volunteers and we distributed nearly one million guides in that battleground state.
  • I also started writing articles at (now defunct, but archived with "Way Back Machine") a leading edge conservative news site.
  • Later, I volunteered as activism chairman with the Illinois Center Right Coalition.  This can be regarded as a pre- Tea Party interorganizational and grass-roots effort.
  • In 2008, I started the blog Investigating Obama and that has lead to the Webzine, Gulag Bound, where I am coordinating publisher.  It has been my privilege to host net-radio programs through this time, interviewing Tea Party and related leaders, and figures such as Jack Cashill, Cliff Kincaid, Trevor Loudon, James Simpson, Joseph Farah, Alan Keyes, Leo Donofrio, and many others. This is done for the overall cause, presently without remuneration.
  • I've also written for Big Government, Big Peace, Renew America, American Thinker, and Canada Free Press.
  • So, my experiences include organizing, public relations, communications of numerous kinds, etc.  but I am only one to help.  Fair to say, there is a sense of mission involved.  Our free and sovereign United States of America is under attack by global collectivism in what may be called a Soft War, also called "5GW" and we are deeply in jeopardy.

So, I hope this helps.  I am available for any good questions at ArlenWilliams"at"Yahoo"dot-com."

God Does Bless America!

Let us bless it in return, by our words and pivotally important deeds, in this very critical time.

Arlen Williams