Americans overwhelmingly wish to be free from coercion that our tax dollars fund organizations performing abortions for reasons of convenience. Furthermore, we believe reports consistently reveal Planned Parenthood as a menace to society. As we see in undercover videos, they are willing to secretly feed upon and further the harm done to girls who have been statutorily raped -- aiding and abetting their perpetrators to continue their exploitation. Therefore, we demand an immediate halt to any federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Those who would fail to support such an initiative tend to show their replacement to be necessary.

- Christen Varley, Boston, Tea Party
- Jack Cashill, author "Deconstructing Obama," Kansas City, Tea Party
- Anita MonCrief, Emerging Corruption, American Conservative Union, ACORN Whistleblower
- C. Steven Tucker, Chicago Area, Tea Party
- Arlen Williams, Gulag Bound
Apologies to the other organizers and activists in this effort; there is no time to list everyone, so only an initial cross-section is shown here, representative of who we are.

Defund Planned Parenthood Flash Campaign
Our Call to Action:
1. Visit to find your U.S. Representatives' contact info.
2. Email and call them now! Then Senators!
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The critical time is now! through March.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gulag Night Archived: Jill Stanek - Defunding Planned Parenthood's Prog-Racist Death Pork

Gulag Night

Monday 3/14, 10pm EDST
Gulag Media Page for this Broadcast

Wasn't there already a vote for defunding Planned Parenthood?
Wasn't there already a vote against it?

This is not a sprint. Think of it as a two-miler -- as in going the extra mile.
And, if you hear anyone say defunding P.P. is not a "fiscal issue," be sure to laugh.

Special guest, Jill Stanek will help us understand what is going on in the effort to stop government from confiscating this blood money from us, during Washington's Budget Battle of 2011.

I will also explain the attempt to light a fire under Tea Party leaders and even wannabe power brokers. (I think most activists are ready to take action, if they have not done so, already. Aren't you?) Warning: there may be a big can of worms, here.

By the way, does Planned Parenthood also have to do with Obamacare and the Obama/Sebelius tax-money devoted to "genetic research?"

Don't miss it.

And... have you spread the word and contacted Congress, yet?
Ready to do that again?
Read more about that here, in Gulag Bound, or here, in Say No to Death Pork.

We'll also be joined by international pro-life activist, Andy Moore of New Zealand, who can describe P.P's expansive reach around the world.

Hosts: Arlen Williams, Tallulah Starr and perhaps others of the Bound.

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